Friday, November 20, 2015

Blanket Scarf 101

Blanket scarves are one of the main staples, if not THE staple, of the fall and winter months! I mean, what better way to stay warm and stylish than to sport a 'blanket' as an accessory? I have received many compliments on my blanket scarf collection recently, but I have also received a few questions regarding them which I am going to address in this post!

What exactly is a blanket scarf?
A blanket scarf is an over sized scarf, typically shaped in a square (hence the word 'blanket'), which is worn around the neck or as a shawl.

Where can I buy one?
Due to blanket scarves widespread popularity, they are available at stores ranging from Target to Nordstrom to Etsy! It all depends on your particular budget and what style you like. I have a tad blanket scarf problem, so I have many which are all different colors and styles! Plaid seems to be what is "on trend" this season, so that will likely be the most easy design to find.

How is it worn?
The best thing about blanket scarves is their versatility in how they can be worn! There are SO many ways to wear a blanket scarf - but I have found that a few ways work the best for both comfort and style. There are five main ways that I wear mine, and I have provided photos of each version below!

1. Looped around the neck

2. Folded in half and looped around the neck (loosely)

3. Draped around the neck

4. Draped over the shoulders (shawl style)

5. What I call the "handkerchief": Folded in half with both ends loosely tied behind the neck

Congratulations! You have now officially graduated from Blanket Scarf 101 - Stripes and Simplicity style ;)! Hope you enjoyed and I am happy to answer any and all questions below or directly at!

All the best,

Kellie // Stripes & Simplicity